Many of our solutions involve using Microsoft tools to actively support your business strategy and productivity. Most organisations are already familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite — but few are using it to its full potential. We provide streamlined solutions that integrate the right hardware and software into your business processes, so your team has everything they need to do their jobs efficiently.


We’re an experience IT partner for numerous accountancy firms, helping them to address data security and system efficiency.

Care Homes

We ensure care homes have IT systems in place that keep sensitive data secure and give keyworkers the tools they need to work efficiently.


We create modern IT solutions that allow coworking spaces to run like clockwork.

Estate Agents

We help estate agencies to manage deadlines and keep client information secure.

Holiday Parks

We help holiday parks to diversify and modernise their offering.

Home Improvement

PushIT can help the home improvement sector work more efficiently.


We help recruitment agencies to manage deadlines and keep client information secure.


We make sure solicitors have IT systems that manage workflows efficiently and record time accurately.

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