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Coworking spaces

We create modern IT solutions that allow coworking spaces to run like clockwork.

With so many SMEs looking for premises, and a general push for businesses to operate more sustainably, there are now more coworking spaces than ever before. But coworking spaces involve many aspects that need to work seamlessly together, and it’s important things like internet connection, WiFi, meeting room booking systems, reception services and printing capabilities are all joined-up effectively. At PushIT, we connect all these systems, providing management with an easy-to-use central interface, so they can focus on providing a fantastic customer and client experience.

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Sector Facts

Connecting systems

There are lots of systems and facilities that go into making a coworking space work. From printers to room booking systems, we integrate everything in a simple interface.

Facilitating management

We consolidate and simplify IT systems so coworking management teams can focus on providing everyone who works or visits with a fantastic experience.

Improving user experience

Coworking should be a positive, collaborative space — and the IT system should help to provide this by being easy-to-use and efficient.


Many of our solutions involve using Microsoft tools to actively support your business strategy and productivity. Most organisations are already familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite — but few are using it to its full potential. We provide streamlined solutions that integrate the right hardware and software into your business processes, so your team has everything they need to do their jobs efficiently.


The solutions we provide create always-on connectivity for your business, enabling your team to work anywhere, anytime, securely.


From instant messaging, to video conferencing, telephony systems and more — we integrate IT to help you communicate more effectively.

Remote Working

Hardware is the key IT issue for most businesses, and we provide flexible, practical solutions to make sure you have the right tools.


We provide regular, proactive support and training to make sure that you’re making the most of your IT solution.

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With all your work functions centralised through the right IT, people’s time is freed-up to concentrate on their core skills and value-add to the business. Multiply this efficiency and time saving across the entire organisation and it’s clear what a boost this can create for business.

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